photo du village d'handrema

Clearance of slums in Mayotte

ATHEGRAM is currently supporting the communes of Bandraboua and Mtsamboro in two major slum clearance projects in the villages of Mtsahara and Handréma.

The main focus of these two operations is to eradicate slum housing in these neighbourhoods. These major projects will change the face of the neighbourhoods in question. Athegram is working on these projects in collaboration with the RéAm office, which specialises in social and urban issues in Mayotte.

Currently, athegram is working on the pre-operational phase of an urban and social mission that consists, first and foremost, in drawing up a redevelopment plan that will include road networks and a rehousing plan. The plans are being drawn up in the wake of over 200 socio-economic and technical surveys that were conducted in the field among the neighbourhoods’ residents. Once the plans have been validated, athegram will return to the neighbourhoods to present the project to the residents and will calculate the financial implications of this first phase.